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Capacitor Discharge Stud Welding can be used to weld a metal fastener or stud to a metal sheet or box. This clean, fast and reliable process provides a strong weld such that when we destructively test the weld it will pull a slug out of the parent material. Studwelding is ideal for overcoming problems like reverse marking for signs or hygene in food surfaces. Have a look on this page for some examples of how Studwelding has improved design in a number of applications...

Studwelding Equipment


From M2.5 to M24 diameters, Studfast supplies a diverse and vast range of fasteners, available in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy and brass.

We stock externally and internally threaded studs, plain pins, earth tags, brackets and speed fix washers. Special designs are available with short lead times.

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Studwelding Machines


CD controllers use advanced inverter technology to make them lightweight and portable. All our controllers are compact, robust and mobile, with stabilised settings which allow for accurate adjustments, achieving the highest quality welds.

All electrical components are soak tested for reliability. Unintentional firing is prevented by safety circuits and in the event of component failure,
system shutdown will occur.

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We stock a wide array of studwelding accessories.
Below are three popular items, but there are many other
offset attachments, centring jigs, extension legs, foot adapters, etc.

Studwelding Collets CHUCKS

Collets, perhaps better known as chucks fit into the handtool and hold the weld stud during welding. Grip on the stud is motivated by a metal clip or rubber ring.

Studwelding Accessories NOSE CONE ASSEMBLIES

Used to accurately locate studs when using templates. These are available in three diameters; 30mm (standard), 1 inch and 22mm.


Should be used in conjunction with the DIN tester bending bar. This enables the mechanical testing of welded studs in accordance with DIN267 part 5.

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Why not take advantage of this fantastic offer? A CDM8 system
with an 8mm studwelding capability and "ready to go",
delivered to you for only £1300 plus VAT!

... comprising of the controller, handtool, earth leads, 5 collets, 12 months parts and labour, (RTB) warranty and operators manual. All this for the great price of £1300 plus VAT including free delivery. The extensive interest it attracted in the recent past is still continuing!
...including 8 mm CD weld studs in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and upto 8mm in Aluminium. It is British Built and has the support of Studfast Studwelding for all of your CD Studwelding requirements - studs, collets, templating and accessibility accessories, and application advice.
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The new smooth ergonomic design of the CDM8 handtool is something we are proud of. As the business end of your studwelding system, the hand tool can take a lot of punishment in a busy production line.

The exceptional build quality of this handtool ensures high levels of productivity, and accuracy whilst all the time minimising operator fatigue.

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pressed-inserts PRESSED

Inserts can work loose, crack paint and leave stains. Holes need to be punched then deburred in parent material, weakening it. The reverse side is not always left flat and the insert is visible and unsightly. The resulting joint cannot always be guaranteed leak-proof.

drilling and tapping DRILLING

Drilling and Tapping are very slow processes, requiring thicker parent material to achieve full joint strength.
Drills and taps get broken and fasteners can vibrate loose. Through drill holes need sealing and bind holes need clearing out.

through bolting THROUGH

Through bolting is not tamper-proof and is a cumbersome and slow process requiring two-handed assembly with access from both sides.
Holes weaken the parent material and leakage stains from the unsightly bolt heads are common.


means taking a component to slow fixed equipment, replacing electrodes and high power consumption costs. Soldering and Brazing requires clamping and causes distortion. Riveting is untidy, irreversible, requires holes, works loose and require reverse access.

pressed-inserts REPLACING

Studwelding replaced inserts on these applications, resulting in faster production and stronger joints. Thinner sheet could now be used and with no reverse marking. Corrosion was eliminated as moisture ingress was prevented.


Studwelding allowed this manufacturer to speed up production considerably. Previously he had to leak test every through drilled and tapped hole. An alternative solution of using thicker flanges would have resulted in additional time and cost implications.


One component became tamper-proof, a clean design was the biggest benefit on another. On a third part, the gauge was reduced and leakage was prevented. Finally studwelding solved the problem of loose bolts and inaccessibility to the bolt head after assembly.


removed a bottleneck by not having to take the biggest component to a large resistance welding machine. Replacing Soldering cured a corrosion problem caused by solder flux. Previously brazed components sustained heat damage.


Backed by years of experience to ensure that you will get the system to suit your needs. No obligation. Just drop us a line.
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There are three types of studwelding: Capacitor Discharge (CD), Short Cycle (SC) and Drawn Arc (DA). They are complementary and should not be regarded as alternatives. With each method, a weld stud is held in a handtool or production head, then presented squarely to the workpiece. The processes work as follows:

CD   M2.5 to M10
Capacitor Discharge
  • Energy is stored in a bank of capacitors, charged to a pre-set voltage determined by type of stud and parent material.
  • When triggered, energy discharges as a high current pulse, melting the pip to produce an arc.
  • Spring pressure forges the stud onto the molten surface to ensure complete fusion across the flange.
  • Weld duration: Under 4 milliseconds.
Book demonstration
SC   M2.5 to M8
Short Cycle
  • A transformer rectifier supplies a fixed current power source.
  • Triggering produces a pilot arc and the stud lifts to a pre-set height.
  • The main arc melts the end of the stud, producing a molten pool in the parent material.
  • Return spring pressure then forges the stud into the pool. Shrouding gas reduces weld spatter.
  • Weld duration: 10 to 100 milliseconds.
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DA   M5 to M24
Drawn Arc
  • Current, level and duration are determined by the stud diameter.
  • Triggering produces a pilot arc and the stud lifts to a pre-set height.
  • The main arc melts to end of the stud, producing a molten pool in the material.
  • Return spring pressure then forges the stud into the pool. A ceramic ferrule contains and shapes the weld fillet.
  • Weld duration: 100 to 1000 milliseconds
Book demonstration


Although some cross-overs occur; we have put together a simple one-sheet guide
to help you select the correct process for your application;

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